Taylor is a creative who lives in Atlanta, GA. She has worked in styling and fashion for 6 years at local high end boutiques, international Β brands, and a well-known department store. She is constantly inspired by the world around her and the way people choose to express themselves through fashion!

What drew Taylor to fashion originally was her love for personal style and creating her identity through how she dressed! Taylor found that when she dressed herself the way she aspired to be, she felt happier and more confident. Her goal is to help bring that feeling of confidence and identity to more people, through how they dress each day.

Taylor is constantly inspired by every-day observations of the people she walks by, art she sees, or the shows she watches ( a big fan of costumery!). Taylor loves getting to bring her influences into her styling and showing clients how fun and expressive fashion can be every day. Her use of collage style mood boards are what help bring to life the lifestyle and look her clients are wanting to achieve. Much like the magazine cut outs I did as a kid- these mood boards are to provide on-going style inspiration thats fun and inspiring to look at every-day, in the hopes of making it more exciting to get dressed in the morning!

Taylor believes its not always about having a jam-packed closet of the latest and greatest, but about having the quality pieces that make you feel happy and chic because that is what is at the core of timeless style! Her goal is to show people that fashion can be fun and full of daily inspiration, even with the pieces already in your closet! As a stylist, Taylor feels that the most important part of her job is growing confidence and self-love through the power of a fabulous wardrobe and she strives to achieve that with each of her clients.

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