Hey there!

My name is Taylor, I am a creative who lives in the Atlanta, GA area. I work in the fashion industry and am very much in love with the art and creativity of fashion. I recently began to work more on my graphic design skill set and have been creatively working to mesh my love for creation and design with my love for fashion!

What drew me to fashion originally was my love for personal style. My love for style started when I decided to create my own identity through how I dressed. It then branched in to helping others with their style and now it expands into every-day observations of people I walk by, art I see, or the shows I watch. I’ve now used my graphic design skills to create style boards of what I find inspiring. To me, styling is like creating your own world or your own set- and these mood boards are the styled worlds I see. My goal is for these to show my ability to create a mood and a world from the styles that inspire me. I hope you enjoy them!